Himalayan- The latest addition to ‘RE’ brotherhood


Generally, prima facie of a bike will mainly be depending on the numbers in the spec sheet. But, it is not the scenario with Royal Enfield, RE as we shortly call. When it comes to RE, spec sheet is the thing that must be least considered. Here is one of the many places where “SPEC SHEET DOESN’T SPEAK QUITE LOUD”.

Anyway, I am going to list the Technical Specification of RE HIMALAYAN


Before entirely turning into a critic with only the Technical Spec sheet in the hand, I’d like to say that this bike is designed as an Adventure Tourer rather than a Day-to-day commute sports bike. So, the engine and the chassis is designed accordingly.



Royal Enfield has managed to bring out a never-before kind engine. RE Himalayan is the first-generation bike of the LS400 engine line-up. LS here stands for “LONG STROKE” which basically indicates its undersquared characteristics.

With its 78mm bore and 86mm stroke, it comfortably makes 24.5BHP of peak power and 32NM of Maximum torque. As you expect from any Royal Enfield engine, Himalayan too surges the engine with that THUMP, which every RE lover thrives for.



Royal Enfield has come a long way since its classic and bullet models. The chassis type is an All-new “HALF DUPLEX SPLIT CRADDLE CHASSIS”. This is what makes the Himalayan more reliable and sturdy even in worse road conditions. To say the least, it is THE BRILLIANT chassis, Royal Enfield has ever come with. This makes the Himalayan more inviting than intimidating. The fuel tank is designed as a tear drop shape to provide even good handing while you stand. This characteristic feature of the chassis makes it even more suitable for off-road handling.


Like every biker in the country, I was very keen to ride the Himalayan and know how it really is! When I test rode that bike, it was two months since it got launched. Already, there were many misconceptions shrouding the bike. I finally decided to unravel those.


My first thought while riding that bike was “It is more of an Off-road than an on-road bike”. The place where I rode the bike was a traffic city road- THE WORST PLACE TO RIDE IT. The main reason was that the clutch was feeling quite heavy and so the gears were chunky.

The biggest plus point when it comes to Himalayan is the COMFORT and STABILITY that it offers. The riding position was so good and is well suitable for Touring. The engine is so refined and the performance band lies well within the consumable range, which means that power is distributed in the lower and middle range revs.

With that capability, one can cruise easily at 110 kmph in 4500-5000 rpm range while in 5th gear. But any speed greater that, will result in clumpsy performance. The gear ratios are taller which nicely suits cruising capabilities.

The only and the major annoying thing that I witnessed was Engine overheating. Eventhough, the engine is equipped with an oil-cooler, the heat dissipated is clearly felt in your legs, even in a short ride. This is not in accordance with the previous UCE engines, as the engine overheating was far less in this scenario.



Apart from heating issues and the clutch problems, Royal Enfield Himalayan is the affordable Adventure Tourer that definitely wants to get dirty, to cleanse our soul. Thanks to its long travel suspension and good ground clearance. It comes with many fitting options suited for long touring. With on-road price of Rs. 1.78 lakh , it is clearly a good buy. Himalayan definitely surpasses our expectations with its off-road capability.


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