It was at the AUTO  EXPO in the year 2014, that this beast was annunciated under the name PULSAR CS 400, which grabbed attention of motorcyclists around the country. Only a few motorcycles have managed to create a phenomenal level of hype as this one. Bajaj promulgated openly that Dominar is launched to wither the monopoly that  ROYAL ENFIELD has created.

Dominar made its debut as the first power cruiser from an Indian manufacturer. It is all muscled up with design and beefed up with technology.


As I mentioned earlier, the  designing of the all-new Dominar 400 is made in such a way that it projects a muscular-macho kind of depiction, so as to suit its tagline “THE BIG BIKE FOR BIG BOYS”. As for any cruiser, the ride height is expected to be low. But at ride height of 800mm, it is no less than KTM DUKE. It offers a ground clearance of 157mm which is quite similar to RS 200. So, Dominar will guarantee loads of fun in the canyons before it reaches your foot pegs. The rear brake lights are quite similar to the ultimate power cruiser DUCATI DIAVEL. Personally, this is the favorite part for me as far as this bike is concerned. The headlight is the ultimate attraction point. It has got a full LED headlamp with Auto Headlamp On(AHO) feature. The LED headlamp is quite bright, even in the day light.



The frame used in Dominar 400 is a PERIMETER FRAME. This type of frame is found in bikes like Pulsar NS, RS, AS200, R15.. etc., Perimeter frame is said to offer better balance over the vehicle in the place of road banks. This is one of the simplest kinds of frame in the market and many superbikes are based on this type of frame. In case of Dominar, the frame is tweaked, so as to make the engine perfectly fitted-in. The major downside of this frame is that, it is made of TUBULAR STEEL rather than aluminium, which I believe, is a cost-cutting measure. This adds up some extra 36 kgs of weight to the bike. Dominar is stable at high speeds. So, this gives the confidence to the rider to cruise even at 120kmph.



The heart of Dominar 400 is a single cylinder 373.3cc, liquid cooled, Fuel Injected(FI), SOHC, Digital Twin Spark-Ignited (DTS-i), that powers up to 35bhp at 8000rpm and 35NM of torque at 6500rpm which comes fitted with a 6-speed manual constant mesh gearbox with SLIPPER CLUTCH in it. This Slipper clutch is butter-smooth and provides extra torque while going down the gear for better braking.

The engine is derived from that of  KTM 390 engine. It is tweaked in such a way that the Torque kicks in quite early in the rev band so as to favour cruising seamlessly at lower rpms. The power distribution is linear and is available plenty in the lower, middle and upper-middle rpm range. The liquid cooling is better when compared to that of  KTM 390. It can make 0-100 in 8.23 seconds and has got a top speed of 167 kmph!!



The Bajaj Dominar is equipped with a Best-in-class 320mm disc at the front and a 230mm disc at the rear. The brake calipers are from BYBRE as Bajaj would generally deploy. The major credit to the Braking department goes to the Dual-channel ABS that is made by BOSCH. The Front Disc is quite sharp and the rear is progressive as it has to be. So, overall braking experience is far improved from the previous bikes by Bajaj.



Bajaj Automobiles has come up with a really exceptional bike with loads of features and handful of new technologies. The bike riding position is comfortable and the Heat dissipation from the engine is phenomenal. At the on-road price of just Rs. 1.70 lakhs , it is the best buy for the people who’d like to cruise along the highways without compensating with city performance. The engine ensures that adequate torque is available at the lower rpm range. To be factual, more than 28NM of torque gets surged-in even before 3000 rpm. So, it has got every reason to call it a THUMPER KILLER. At a terrific pricing, Dominar, for sure, will attract voluminous crowd. But, will it thrash the sales record of RE classic 350? As I would often say, we have to wait and watch. 🙂



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